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«I’m excited of where this team can go» – Craig Harrington

Nov 16, 2021


Adolfo Ramírez

Periodismo Deportivo, Fotógrafo, México, Corresponsal AG Deportes

The head coach of Club America expressed his excitement of how far the eagles can get in this tournament, he highlighted the mentality and the strength that his players have shown and manifested how pride he is of the whole team.

The technical director of America women’s team declared that his squad is going through a good time and they are trying to get the best of it, nevertheless of the performances of the rest of the teams, the english trainer considers that the players have improved, but there is still work to do, therefore he is really anxious to see what his team can do in the playoffs.

«Exactly, that’s what it’s about, it’s about mementum, it’s about going to the playoffs in the right form, it’s a whole new season, regardless about the other teams have done, the whole season is one game at a time, but is also about us getting better and improving, and we’re on the run of getting there, and I’m excited of where this team can go.»

In addition, Club America’s gaffer pointed out that the playoffs are a whole new season where the regular one doesn’t matter, however, before thinking about that, he wants to center his entire attention in the last game of the season against Club Leon and only after that he will start thinking about the quarterfinals rival.

«Going into the playoffs it’s a whole new season, what you’ve done for the past 17 games doesn’t count for anything and we will go again, and our focus right now is straight towards Leon and then we will go straight away to quarterfinals.»

As for having a complete roster for the playoffs, the eagles boss said that he can’t confirm that until the match comes, subsequently, he noted that having all the players available has not been possible throughout the season, but that he has total trust in all the players and no one of them is above the team, equally important, he is sure that the one who gets to play is going to do it the best way, additionally he highlighted the performance of Myra Pelayo in what was her first star of the tournament.

«I don’t know, we haven’t had a full team the entire season, we played the first game of the season and  we’ve changed every week, unfortunately against Tigres Sarah Luebbert was restricted to 45 minutes, and I hope at the time we get our first playoff game we have everyone available, but even then I can’t guarantee that unfortunately, the team is much bigger than any individual and it’s always been next player up and the’ve done that, Myra Pelayo is a great example of that, she struggled to get into our starting 11, at the start of the year and she’s worked her way into it, she’s had some games back to back being above of the level that we expect from a player of her quality»

Finally, Harrington spoke about the mentality that the players have shown, moreover, he remarked that the match against Tigres where they tied the game in the last minutes is a good proof of that, in consequence, the british coach manifested how proud he is of everyone that conform Club América.

«We’ve spoken internally a lot of what we can do about that, against Tigres was a example of showing a strong mentality and grinding out and getting a point in the way we did, I’m extremely of every single one of them and that’s not the ones who were on the pitch, everybody in our group has contributed to what we’re doing.»

Club America will face Club Leon next saturday on November 20 at the Centenary Number 5 pitch in the team’s Coapa Facilities, starting 10 AM.